16 янв. 2016 г.

[LV014] Spacebirds - Orbital Tango (Promo EP)

Artist: Spacebirds
Album: Orbital Tango
Label: Laser Visa
Catalog: [LV014]
Style: Electro-pop, Casiocore, Casiopop, Synthpop
Time: 48:30
Release: 16 January 2016
All Music By Evgenij V. Kharitonov, 2009-2013.

Album Note:
This Promo EP was performed on small toy synthesizers of Casio SA-21, Casio SA-46 and Casio SA-78. Basically all sounds (sinth sounds, percussion, drums, some effects) were recorded by using only of these toy tools. Also some effects from Korg Kaossilator, vocoder from Novation Ultranova and samples of space broadcasts were mixed. Any other tools at record of this album (except for bonus tracks) it wasn't used. It in pure form Casiocore And Toytronica.
Recorded: 2013-2015.


[03:44] 1. Orbital Tango-1
[06:14] 2. Casiolator (Demo version)
[08:06] 3. Princess Of Venus
[06:03] 4. Gravity (Toy Synths Cover)
[07:40] 4. Orbital Tango-2 (Return To Moonbase)
[02:02] 6. Digital Wave (Fin)
[07:51] 7. Bonus-Track: Princess Of Venus (Live 2013)
[06:54] 8. Bonus-Track: Return To Moonbase (Promo-mix 2012)

SPACEBIRDS – the side-party project By Moscow musician and writer Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha) which was thought up in 2008 especially for creation of rhythmic synth music with distinct space and science-fiction intonations and retro-sounding. On the first albums it were experiments with acid-disco, synthpop, spacesynth. In 2012 the project concentrated on creation of synthpop music with the science-fiction contents and use of Toys musical instruments — children's synthesizers from Casio (Casio SA-21, Casio SA-46, etc.), toy drums, etc.

Spacebirds WEB

(c) & (p) Laser Visa, 2016
(c) Spacebirds / Evgenij V. Kharitonov, 2016