8 февр. 2022 г.


Spacebirds исполнилось 15 лет! В феврале 2022 года Spacebirds исполнилось 15 лет! Всё началось с того, что в 2008 году я вдруг решил, что в моём сетапе синтезаторов мне очень не хватает детского синтезатора и я купил Casio SA-46. А потом решил: будет интересно и весело создавать synthpop/electropop исключительно на детских музыкальных инструментах — и я купил много разных музыкальных игрушек. И записал с их помощью первую песню для Spacebirds – это был “My Toy Spaceship”. С тех пор Spacebirds залетали на территории разных синтижанров, перемещаясь от ироничного электропопа к аналоговому минимал-эйсид-диско и далее – к мейнстриму (но не без иронии) synthwave/retrowave. По случаю микро-юбилея предлагаю вашему вниманию этот плейлист – от самой первой композиции (My Toy Spaceship) до самой свежей, завершённой в феврале 2022 г. (Neon Friday) 

 Spacebirds is 15 years old! In February 2022, Spacebirds turned 15 years old! It all started with the fact that in 2008 I suddenly decided that in my synthesizer setup I really lacked a children's synthesizer and I bought a Casio SA-46. And then I decided: it would be interesting and fun to create synthpop/electropop exclusively on children's musical instruments - and I bought a lot of different musical toys. And with their help, I recorded the first song for the Spacebirds - it was “My Toy Spaceship”. Since then, the Spacebirds have swooped into synth-genre territory, moving from ironic electropop to analogue minimal acid disco to mainstream (but not without irony) synthwave/retrowave. On the occasion of the micro-anniversary, I bring to your attention this playlist - from the very first song (My Toy Spaceship) to the most recent, completed in February 2022 (Neon Friday)


30 сент. 2021 г.

[LV035] Spacebirds - Desafio deo neon (2021)


We are pleased to announce that a new single from Spacebirds, ‘‘ Desafio de neon ’,

has arrived on all major streaming services and digital stores today! These are three dreamy,

almost chill-like tracks inspired by 80s cinematography, italo disco era and nostalgia for

neon youth.

You shoot me neon challenge. And I accept it.
After all, this is a magical journey into the past,
in the days when we were young and full of hope.
This is a wonderful time of our neon youth. 
We hope you enjoy this release. We love you!






Label: Laser Visa

Catalog: LV035

UPC: 608539757282

Time: 12:43

Music and Old Man Voice by Evgeny V. Kharitonov / Spacebirds (c) 2021

Artwork By Alim Velitov (c) 2021


1. Desafio De Neon (Old Man Speech. Introduction) (1:12) | ISRC QZNJW2103743

2. Desafio De Neon (6:04) | ISRC QZNJW2103744

3. Neon Jellyfish (5:31) | ISRC QZNJW2103745