6 авг. 2010 г.

[lv002] nameless dancers - big magic party

Catalog: [lv002]
Release name: BIG MAGIC PARTY
Format: 7” Single
Country: Russia
Style: Italo Disco, Eurodance
Total time 12:02
Digital quality: MP3 320 kbps 44 Hz, stereo
Size: 27 MB
Release date: 2010-08-06


1. Big Magic Party (Vocal Mix) (6:02)
2. Big Magic Party (Instrumental Mix) (6:00)

NOTES: Re-Release. The given single - rare for the lounge/nu-jazz project nameless dancers experience in an electronic dance music. For the first time the single has been published in January, 2010 on the Japanese label Bump Foot under name BMP. We have decided to republish this italo disco single in new registration.

Music and arrangement by Nameless Dancers, 2009
Recorded: October-November 2009 at White Art Studio
Produced by EugeneKha

2010 [c] Nameless Dancers
2010 [c] Laser Visa Published

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NAMELESS DANCERS (EugeneKha ' s Dance Orchestra) - the studio project which is organised and a producer by the musician and poet Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha). The project was born in 2009 in Moscow on the basis of White Art Studio.
Music of this collective - specific synthesis of live, acoustic tools, samples, digital sound and DJ's receptions. Namless Dancers create music not only in studio, using live tools, but also in every possible audio-editors and programs.
Group stylistics - a difficult hybrid from jazz improvisation and house rhythms. As a whole, music Nameless Dancers harmoniously balances between Lounge/Nu-Jazz and House.
The basic directions of music Nameless Dancers: Lounge, Nu-Jazz, Acid Jazz, Funky Jazz, Electronic Jazz, Funk, Latino Jazz/House, Classic Disco, Chill-out, Chill House, Easy Listening.
Nameless Dancers it EugeneKha (all music, guitars, ptogramming, keyboard, percussion) and Orchestra: Guro (Winds, bass, music), Astra (voice, piano, programming), Bounce (guitars, programming) + Laptop, Music Soft.

Nameless Dancers MySpace
Nameless Dancers Last.fm

2 авг. 2010 г.

[lv001] spacebirds - spacebirds-I

Catalog: [lv001]
Release name: SPACEBIRDS
Type: Digital LP
Country: Russia
Style: French Spacepop, Spacesynth, Disco, Synthdance
Total time 52:11
Digital quality: MP3 320 kbps 44 Hz, stereo
Size: 119 MB
Release date: 2010-08-02
Track-listing: 01. Spacebirds - Weightlessness (Intro) (1:35) 02. Spacebirds - Child Space (3:58) 03. Spacebirds - Constellation Of The Sagittarius (3:48) 04. Spacebirds - Spacebirds (3:50) 05. Spacebirds & EugeneKha - Jupiter Light (Spacbirds Mix) (5:28) 06. Spacebirds - Old Disco Machine (3:52) 07. Spacebirds & Microbit Project - Solar (by Jean-Michel Blanchet, Microbit Acid Disco Rmx) (4:00) 08. Spacebirds - Slow Space Funk (4:16) 09. Spacebirds & Microbit Project - Acidisco (7:14) 10. Spacebirds - Solar vs Child Space (Spacebirds Emotionsl Remix 2010) (4:00) 11. Spacebirds - Sparks (3:34) 12. Spacebirds - Tango In Weightlessness (Fin) (2:36) 13. Spacebirds - Solar vs Child Space (Live At Argo Galery. Official Live Bootleg) (4:00) All tracks composed and performed by Spacebirds. Except Track "Jupiter Light" - Music by EugeneKha, Remix By Spacebirds; Track "Solar" - Music By Jean-Michel Blanchet, 2004, Remix by Spacebirds & Microbit Project, 2010; Track "Acidisco" = Music and Arranged by Microbit Project, 2009; Track "Solar vs. Child Space" - Music by Spacebirds, Microbit Project, jean-Michel Blanchet. All tracks are created and arranged in Arturia Storm Music Studio v1.0, v2.0 and v3.0 Sound Produced by Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha) Recorded: June-July 2010, except Acididsco (rec. 2009, album Microbit Project - Rural Discoteque); except Old Disco Machine (rec. January 2010). Stream Album Download ZIP via archive.org (full complete) Download ZIP via archive.org (only mp3) Download ZIP via megaupload.com Mirror site Cover A-side (full size) Cover B-Side (full size) SPACEBIRDS Проект Spacebirds появился в 2008 году в Москве. Композиции группы это ироническое осмысление танцевальной синт-музыки 1980-1990-х годов и, в первую очередь, таких направлений, как New Wave, Synthpop, Spacesynth, Disco, Synthdance. Большинство композиций Spacebirds записаны с использованием детских музыкальных инструментов (синтезаторы Casio SA-21, SA-46 и др.), мобильных аналоговых гаджетов (Volca Series от Korg) и даже софта на базе Android (Caustic-3, SunVox и др.). Музыка Spacebirds — это веселый, очень ироничный «игрушечный synthwave / post new-wave» с выраженной научно-фантастической и космической тематикой и, конечно, с ностальгией по 80-м годам. Проект существует как в формате One-Man-Band, так и в полновесном составе из трех-четырех музыкантов. The Spacebirds project was born in 2008 in Moscow. The composition of the group is an ironic understanding of synth dance music 1980-1990-ies and, in the first place, from genres such as New Wave, Synthpop, Spacesynth, Disco, Synthdance. Most of the songs Spacebirds recorded using children's musical instruments (synthesizers Casio SA-21, SA-46, etc.), mobile analog gadgets (Volca Series from Korg) and even software based on Android (Caustic-3, SunVox, etc.). Spacebirds music is upbeat, ironic "toy synthwave / post new-wave" with a strong sci-Fi and space themes and, of course, with nostalgia for 80 years. The project exists as in the format of One-Man-Band and a full lineup of three or four musicians. Spacebirds Page