30 мая 2021 г.

[LV033] SynthyChild - Funny Song (Single)


Artist: SynthyChild

Release: Funny Song

Label: Laser Visa

Catalog: [LV033-2021]

Format: Digital Single

Style: Minimal Synthwave, Cyberpunk

Time: 4:37

(c) Music by SynthyChild, 2019-2021

(c) Artwork by Alim Velitov, 2021

Listen & download:

Bandcamp (lossless release)

VKontakte (mp3 release)

We are glad to present to you the debut free single of 12-year-old musician SynthyChild, who is in love with synthesizers, synthpop, punk music of the electronic 80s and cyberpunk of the 90s. He composes small, minimalist synth sketches on his laptop and an old Casio synthesizer. These are unpretentious melodies, but they have a lot of youthful charm. Special thanks to artist, cartoonist and comic book writer Alim Velitov who drew the cover for this release.