6 мар. 2013 г.

[lv010] Spacebirds - Return To Moonbase

Catalog: [LV-010]
Release date: 2013-03-06
Artist: Spacebirds
Album: Return To Moonbase

Type: Mini-LP
Country: Russia
Keywords: Sci-Fi Synthpop, Spacesynth, 80s Style
Release Format: Digital release in MP3 (320 kbps)
Total Time: 43:36
All Tracks Recorded 2011-2012 .
All Music Created, Arrangement and Produced by Spacebirds.

Release Notes: This album is a collection of drafts and unpublished rare records of the Spacebirds project.

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1. Princesses Of Venus (7:49)
2. Return To Moonbase (6:52)
3. My Toy Spaceship (7:11)
4. Spaceship Lab (4:32)
5. Princesses Of Venus (Toxic Chicken Remix) (3:47)
6. Return To Moonbase (MuLab Promo Mix) (6:59)
7. My Toy Spaceship (Microbit Toy Casio SA46 Remix) (6:26)

Album Setup:
Soft: Mutools MuLab 4 (DAW/ Sequencer), Energy XT 2.6 (DAW / Sequencer), MuLab Soft Synths, Waldorf PPG 2 VST, Arturia Analog Factory VST, ODSay VST.
Hardware: Alesis Micron, Casio SA-46, Kawai K1, Kawai Gmega, Korg Caossilator Pro, Roland E-09

Released under the "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0
Unported" license, which allows and encourages free use of this material so long as certain conditions are met. Details of this license can be found at:

Personal Copyright:
[c] Spacebirds, 2013
[c] EugeneKha, 2013
[c] Toxic Chicken (Kai Nobuko), 2013
[c] Laser Visa, 2012

A Sci-Fi Synthpop / Spacesynth Project From Russia. Produced by EugeneKha
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