24 февр. 2019 г.

[LV020] Spacebirds - Princess Of Venus (Single)

Spacebirds – Princess Of Venus
Format: Single
Recorded: 2012 – 2018
Time: 34:53
Style: Post New Wave, Retrowave, Synthpop, Toytronica
Label: Laser Visa
Catalog: [LV020]
Music By Evgeniy V. Kharitonov (c) 2012-2018
Performed By Spacebirds (c) 2012-2018
Original Artwork (1950)

Release - Bandcamp

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[7:26] 1. Princess Of Venus (Lasr Visa Retrowave Mix 2018)
- Retrowave Version Of Songs Performed On Analog, VA and FM Synthesizers and Drum-machines - Arturia MicroBrute, Korg Monologue, Korg Volca Sampler, Korg Volca Beats, Korg Volca FM, Novation Ultranova and Alesis Micron.

[8:09] 2. Princess Of Venus (Original Toy Synths Version 2012)
- Original ToySynths Version ‘Princess Of Venus’ was performed on small toy synthesizers of Casio SA-21, Casio SA-46 and Casio SA-78. Basically all sounds (sinth sounds, percussion, drums, some effects) were recorded by using only of these toy tools. Also some effects from Korg Kaossilator, samples of space broadcasts were mixed. Any other tools at record of this album (except for bonus tracks) it wasn't used. It in pure form Casiocore And Toytronica

[3:49] 3. Princess Of Venus (Toxic Chicken Remix 2013)
Eccentric Remix From Dutch Artist Kai Nobuko/Toxic Chicken.

[7:37] 4. Princess Of Venus (Live At Red Rockets CosmoParty 2018)
- Live Recorded At Red Rockets Cosmo Party, Moscow Jao Da Club, 05 November 2018

[7:53] 5. Princess Of Venus (Bootleg Live Recording 2013)
Bootleg Live Recording At Laser Party, Moscow, 3 February 2013


The Spacebirds project was born in 2008 in Moscow. The composition of the group is an
ironic understanding of synth dance music 1980-1990-ies and, in the first place, from genres
such as New Wave, Synthpop, Spacesynth, Disco, Synthdance. Most of the songs Spacebirds
recorded using children's musical instruments (synthesizers Casio SA-21, SA-46, etc.),
mobile analog gadgets (Volca Series from Korg) and even software based on Android
(Caustic-3, SunVox, etc.). Spacebirds music is upbeat, ironic "toy synthwave / post new-
wave" with a strong sci-Fi and space themes and, of course, with nostalgia for 80 years. The
project exists as in the format of One-Man-Band and a full lineup of three or four musicians.
Проект Spacebirds организовал в 2008 году московский музыкант и литератор Евгений
В. Харитонов, участник различных рок- и электронных проектов с середины 1980-х гг.
(“Хельтер Скельтер”, “Мы”, EugeneKha, Nameless dancers, Yoko Absorbing и др.).
Композиции Spacebirds это ироническое осмысление танцевальной синт-музыки 1980-
1990-х годов. Некоторые композиций Spacebirds записаны с использованием детских
музыкальных инструментов, мобильных аналоговых гаджетов (Volca Series от Korg) и
даже софта на базе Android (Caustic-3, SunVox и др.). Музыка Spacebirds — это
веселый, очень ироничный «игрушечный synthwave / post new-wave» с выраженной
научно-фантастической и космической тематикой и, конечно, с ностальгией по 80-м
годам. Проект существует как в формате One-Man-Band, так и в полновесном составе
из трех-четырех музыкантов.

Spacebirds Web: