10 сент. 2014 г.

[lv012] Ergrover - Viper

Catalog: [LV012]
Release date: September 2014
Artist: Ergrover
Country: Ukraine/Russia
Release: Viper
Recorded: 2012-2013
Type: Digital LP
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Time: 68:16
Style: UFO-Synth, Spacesynth, 80s Synth Style
Label: Laser Visa
All Music by Vsevolod Ustugov (Ergrover)
Cover: Laser Visa

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01.Viper (06-49)
02.Airbattle (05:55)
03.Red Faeton (03:59)
04.Roller (2012) (04:38)
05.Stream Attraction (cover version) (06:02)
06.Jacuzzi Time (05:40)
07.Solaris 2012 (06:02)
08.Sun Dance (06:49)
09.Attack Arachnids (05:45)
10.Space Jacki (04:29)
11.UFO Cocoons UFO (06:23)
12.Techno Zumer'96 (05:19)
13.Out Space (00:38)

Album Setup:
Yamaha PSR,
Sony - dram machine,
Korg piano,
Virtual PC music Studio - DAW

artist info:

My name is Vsevolod Ustyugov / My space music project ERGROVER - style / UFO Synth / was founded on the alloys in musical styles, such as the sound space and Spacesynth .. as well as pop-trance ... and displays my synthesis and experimental ideas in this area .. I hope you like it! My project Ergrover was founded in 2009 .. I've been wanting to do something very similar to the traditional sound of space .. So, of course, more common Exsperimental sounds in my songs .. I hope that my fans sound .. Of course, the effect of 80 and 90, you can hear in my songs, and the effect of Koto and Laserdance of course, created its mark on my musical development .. So I decided a long time ago and would like to continue to seek new motion .. Thanks to everyone who listens to me ... The great success .

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Personal Copyright:
[c] Ergrover, 2012-2014
[c] Laser Visa, 2014